1. Right now, I am happily living in San Diego again! And this time I have a car!!! whoo! it’s not that fabulous though. Just a hand me down from my uncle, but you know, a car is a car! Anyways, before I left Northern California, I went to visit Tiffa on SF! All we did was derp though haha! Every time we are together we eat a lot too! Ste also came back from Japan for a visit!! It was super nice to hang out with her, Tiffa, and Cindy again just like old times…we laughed, ate, played games, drank, etc.

    I also spent Lunar New Years with my family although we just went to temples and such. Before I left we had a really fancy delicious dinner for my dad’s birthday!

    Now that I am back in SD, i have just been studying and job hunting. i went out a few times to eat with friends, house sit, and to ho to Japanese meet! Trying my best to be more social.. I went to Disneyland a few times, of course! I went to Dapper Day with Lauren and Daniel! I also met up with Riku who was visiting from Japan and took Jim to California Adventure and the zoo!!! It was great seeing an old friend from my study abroad experience! (:

    More recently, I went to LA to see Lauren and Chelsea!! I went to see Lauren play taiko! We also had a Duffy reunion! So yes, I finally finished those Chankapaana outfits! Success!!!!

    I have a pretty busy few months ahead of me so next time I’ll have more to write and keep this updated regularly!


  3. So many empty promises of updating this thing, but I haven’t been very good about it huh? ごめん!

    I don’t really have much of an excuse except that I’ve been really lazy. A quick update is in order again. Sorry about that.

    Kunpei came to visit me in San Diego. When he arrived, we ended up just eating pizza with a couple of friends. We then had dessert in downtown.

    The next day we made our way up to LA to see Lauren in Little Tokyo. We then had to meet up with Aris and Alex and took a bus to Vegas. Because of traffic our bus ended up being a delayed, and we arrived later than expected. Either way we checked into our hotel (which was Paris) and headed out with Gino for the night. The first club we went to was LAVO which was pretty mediocre to me. We had a good time, but since we came late, we didn’t get drinks like we had wanted. We ended up heading back early for the night and talked in our hotel room. 

    We woke up early to get breakfast at the buffet and then got ready to head out for a day on the strip. We just walked around with drinks and explored the various hotels. Richard convinced Kunpei to go ride on a mechanical bull! That was pretty funny. By night time, we just ended up eating pizza in our room before getting ready to head out to TAO. This club ended up being so much better. It was free to get into, there were tons of people, and I had more than my share of drinks. It was pretty crazy, and well, let’s just say I had a pretty good time.

     Richard was nice enough to drive us back to LA in the morning. Kunpei and I crashed at Aris’s place for 2 days. We just chilled for most of the time. We did end up going to see The Hobbit and eating at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. YUM! My parents came to pick Kunpei and I up to go back down to LA.

    The next few days was just Kunpei and I hanging out with my family and cousins. We did head out to see a famous beach in Coronado. It was really pretty! There was even ice skating on the beach! For Christmas, Evey cooked us dinner roast beef, dressing, scalloped potatoes, etc. We even got to open presents under a Christmas Tree! Talk about traditional American Christmas. Besides that, Kunpei also got to try Laotian and Vietnamese food too. (: I wanted him to feel like he was a part of the family.

    After a relaxing holiday, my family and Kunpei headed up to Anaheim. We took Kunpei on a crash course one day trip to the Disneyland Resort before he had to leave on his trip up to Northern California. After he left, I had to take my cousins on their first trip to Disneyland. The parks themselves were ridiculously crowded. I think it was over capacity on both days. But because I am Disneyparks pro, we ended up hitting most of the big rides and watching the shows that we wanted.

    Once my Disneyland trip with the family was over,  we headed back to San Jose. There was little mishap at the hotel, but they quickly sorted it out for us (: One of the security guards was the best. He helped us out the most when no one was cooperating.

    Anyways, I finally made it back home. On new years, I did spend it with Kunpei, Cliff, Matt, and a few other of Kunpei’s friends. That was quite an experience. Haha (: We stayed at Kunpei’s friends house, and they were really welcoming. We just talked, went in the jucuzzi, and played board games. It was a chill New Years. Nothing too crazy.

    And I haven’t been doing THAT much since. Just getting through my doctors appointments, watching a lot of shows/concerts, seeing some friends (Cindy, Chelsea, Tiffa), seeing family members, and working on my costumes for Duffy (Chakapaana outfits- the OLDS). I’m hoping to head back down to San Diego after Chinese New Years. I might be starting a job in March if my interview with them goes well, and I hope to file my graduation forms as well. 

    On another note, I bought Tiffa and myself Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert tickets, and I am super EXCITED!~ Anyways, I hope I can be better about keeping this updated….Not promising anything this time though ):


  5. This past quarter was a tough one as you might have figured since I haven’t updated at all. I was terribly busy trying to finish up my school work to graduate as soon as possible. My classes were extremely difficult and time consuming. But it’s finally all over!!!!!

    A real quick update is in order. To be honest, I haven’t done too much since all I’ve been really doing is studying and homework.. 

    • I got a Disneyland annual pass. I’ve already went twice since I’ve gotten it. Once with some Japanese exchange students, Daniel, Michelle, Stefanie, Winnie, and Sonny. And again with Dan, Tanya, their friends, Winnie, Winnie’s sister Lannie and Sonny. Did I mention how awesome Carsland is!?!? Looks just like the movie; plus, you can get cone cups and cone-themed food :’D
    • I had 4 thanksgiving dinners… Our apartment help a potluck and that was a delicious success. Philip invited us over for his thanksgiving meal. I had Thanksgiving dinner at Sonny’s, and again at Winnie’s family’s party! It was all so yummy! Thanks for having me :3
    • I went black friday shopping, but I didn’t really get anything but a Sugar Rush plushie…
    • I got my JUMP World Dvd!! Lol That may not seem that much, but I was dying to get it (: It was killing me that it came in so late. The concert was just as amazing as I remember it. Too bad it wasn’t the concert I went too, but that’s okay I can still relive the memories. On another note, I also got Yuma’s single!~ 
    • I am officially a mentor of the biology department! I’m trying to be a good role model and give advice to my fellow mentees. I’m surprised I was convinced to do it, but I feel like it’s pretty rewarding..
    • I grew pretty close to my lab group in my BIPN105 class. We work really well as a team and our final project turned out super good! Plus, the potluck during our presentations was awesome!
    • I saw Perks of Being a Wallflower with Tiffany and Winnie. The book was my favorite when I was in middle school, and I thought the film adapted the story beautifully! 
    • I went out with my cousin Nick, Evey, Adam, and their friends to a club in San Diego. It was my first time out, and I did it in style. VIP table anyone?
    • During one of my Disney trips, I broke my phone.. I’m getting a new one soon though :3
    • I got majorly food poisoned. I remember why throwing up is awful especially when you do it all through the night… URGHHH I couldn’t eat properly for days. But I’m all good now
    • Evelyn came to visit San Diego, and I spent the entire day with her and her friend. It was great to see friends from Japan. It was a really chill day. All we really did was eat and talk ahaha. She also gave me macarons from Beverly Hills!~
    • I sent Christmas Cards to as many people as I could! Trying my best with this keep in touch thing! I also decorated our apartment so I could get into the Holiday spirit!

    I think that’s about it for the update.

    My friend Kunpei from Japan whos studying in Seattle is coming to visit me tomorrow and is staying for a few weeks! We’re going to Las Vegas for a few days. And then, my parents are coming down for Christmas and then Disneyland! Then I’m off to the Bay Area! EXCITED!!

    I will make sure to update this now that I have more free time (:

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  7. I apologize for the lack of updates! EEEEP, sorry about that! With school going on, I barely have time to breath to be honest. I’m taking on a ton of workload just to graduate by the end of this quarter. It’s a handful, to say the least, with all the reading, papers, projects, tests, etc. that I have to do EVERY day…

    Before starting this goddamn awful quarter, I did make it out to LA to go to the Halloween Party at Disneyland. I dressed up as Barrel, and Lauren and Chelsea was Lock and Shock. The fireworks were just as amazing as I remembered. We got a ridiculous amount of candy from city hall. We met Jack and Sally who played along with us and sent us on a mission to kidnap..I mean invite a leprechaun to dinner. We , of course, went on all the Halloween themed rides! The following day, we had another Japanese reunion in Hollywood. We ended up eating at the Disney Soda Fountain for lunch, and later, we headed to Downtown Disney.

    Once school started, other than struggling with classes (and failing at applying to medical school and finding a job), I’ve had a few doses of fun here at there. I went to a Halloween BBQ, a potluck, and a house warming party. I had dinner with a few old good friends and hung out with my Cousin. I even watched Frankenweenie and Wreck It Ralph! Not too bad eh?

    Probably the highlight since the quarter started has to be the All-American Rejects concert in Anaheim. Not only were the opening acts Parachute and Boys Like Girls really awesome, but I’ve been waiting to see AAR live since they came out 10 years ago. My 12 year old self was extremely satisfied; they were great live! They played most of my favorite songs, but out of all the songs they played that night, I really enjoyed the Swing Swing, Kids in the Street, and Walk over Me performance. Tyson was quite the character in person. He was kind of crazy on stage, but it just made the show even more entertaining. My eyes, however, were mostly on Nick throughout the show. He looked like he really loved what he does and got really into playing the music. Plus, every time he looked out towards the crowd, we kept making eye contact, and he’d immediately smile. and GOD what a killer smile!

    To make my experience even more amazing, I got to meet them after to show to get autographs! But what shocked me the most was as soon as Tyson saw me when I walked in, he said, “Oh hey there cutie! I saw you dancing out there in crowd tonight! I am really digging your style!” I swear I froze… I don’t even remember what I said at that point. Haha. I eventually made my way to Mike and Chris who seemed really nice, but they didn’t really talk much. Finally came Nick, who is my favorite if you couldn’t tell already. He quickly flashed a smile and told me he was looking at me in the crowd also and that he thought I was really cute (which made me die inside because now I know I wasn’t imagining things when I thought he saw me) So I somehow managed to tell him that I followed the band for 10 years since i was 12. He asked if I was 22 and shook my hand. To be honest, I think I almost forgot how old I was and just nodded. haha. I’m such a fail.

    I had to get away quickly after that because  I think I was starting to malfunction and turn red. I would have just embarassed myself. If only I had enough balls to talk more or tell him he was cute too! Either way, I’m glad I walked away with a poster, a signed CD, and a great story (I mean, not every girl gets complimented by a rock star right? D:) I felt like the luckiest girl alive at that point.

    Anyways, the quarter is over half way done,and I’m just hoping to get it over with as quickly as possible. Can I just go to a bunch of concerts all the time and not work? Haha Just kidding 

    Oh by the way, my roommate got a dog!

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  9. Reunion in San Diego

    I spent the last week basically working on my Halloween Costume, and I just finished that 2 nights ago!! Made the mask out of paper mache, painted it, and painted my pants and shirt. Just need to worry about hair and make up on the day of. I am super excited about going to Disneyland as Lock, Shock, and Barrel with Lauren and Chelsea. We finally get to all reunite together at the happinest place on earth!! Not to mention my other friends: Winnie, Sonny, and Michelle are going as well. It should be super fun.

    Friday, my cousin Nick and Evey picked me up and took me over to their place. We had fish tacos for lunch, and I hung out watching tv and old wedding videos while they made fried chicken for dinner. When it got around time for dinner, we went to their friend’s house to have a nice picnic in their backyard. It was pretty nice to meet their friends. They were really welcoming and said they’d tried to help me find a shadowing job! How nice is that!? After dinner, we hung out watching some tv. We stopped by for some yogurt before heading back home.

    Yesterday, Lucy, Richard, Gino, Nana, Takahiro, Aris, Evelyn, Yujiro, and Alex came down from LA to visit me and Youjung in San Diego. It was the biggest reunion in southern california!! And it was super fun! It was awesome seeing everyone again and being able to hang out. When some of them arrived, we went to eat ramen. Afterwards, all of us eventually met up at La Jolla Shores Beach, and we hung out at the beach until sunset. For dinner, we went to an all american bbq in downtown La Jolla before grabbing some ice cream and drinks and heading to my place. We had a nice hang out at my apartment. We drank, talked, danced, acted silly, etc. It was basically like old times (except it wasn’t in Japan and a lot of people were missing ): )

    Either way, I had a blast, and I really hope we can do it again soon! And that more people can come next time (:


  11. Now that I am all settled into my new place! I had the opportunity to catch up with a few people that are still here after graduation (most of my friends in San Diego already graduated back in June..). I had a nice dinner with Stefanie and Matt the other day. We had Pho along with Jacob, Winnie, and Angela! Of course, I get to see my roommates Winnie and Angela a lot along with the other non-official residents of our place (Jacob and Angela’s boyfriend Quoc). I also went out to eat BBQ one day with them at Bubba’s, and I had a nice korean tofu soup with Winnie on another day. Other than going out to eat for dinner, I haven’t been doing much except cleaning and running errands.

    Yesterday, however, I spent the entire day with my cousin Nick and his wife Evey. They just recently moved down to San Diego from Seattle. They had me over at their place and made me feel so welcome like I was at home. We also went to the Del Mar beach and had a nice late lunch there. It was nice to hit up the beach on such a hot day (it’s been about 100 degrees lately. HOT). The water was nice and cool. Later that evening, we also went to karaoke together at Karaoke 101. It was super fun! The place is rather new, so they didn’t have a big selection of music. But I still had a great time. It’s always nice to hang out with the family! Plus, they were so nice to treat me out the entire day!!~ I hope to hang out with them more over the course of the quarter. (:


  13. Oops. Sorry for the late update.

    I honestly was pretty busy with several things. Surprising isn’t it?

    First off, my close family friend just got married!~ My family went to his wedding, and it was quite nice to see all the cousins and friends all together again. Since I was gone for a year, it was the best way to catch up with everyone in one go. (: Not to mention, the wedding itself was pretty fun. It wasn’t the most extravagant wedding, but to be honest, any wedding with close family and friends is a good wedding. Congrats to the newly weds!~

    The other things I was really busy with was MCAT. I actually didn’t really go out that much lately. I just stayed in my room to study all day. (I did get a few chances to see Cindy and Winnie!~ I wasn’t locked up in my room all day. Thank goodness too; because I think I would have gone crazy!~) I just finished taking the test last week! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The hardest part, really, was the time it took. I stayed at the testing site for about 6 hours!! I barely had time to take breaks in between sections because every time you leave the test room to go to the bathroom or to grab some water, you had to go through security. (ID check, fingerprint scan, body scan, etc.) Bleck… Did I do well you ask? Well, I’m not the one to talk about it. I feel like I’ll jinx it, so I’ll wait and see.

    Lastly, I recently finished moving into my place in San Diego. Getting settled took several days since I had a lot of boxes to unpack, which I just finished doing this morning. All I have left to do is clean!! And I’ll be all settled in and happy!~

    School doesn’t start until a few weeks, so I still have some time to herp and derp! (: yayy


  15. My Adventures in Japan finally came to an end. Although I’m a bit sad, I’m back in my hometown readjusting back to the normal routine.

    What does this mean for this blog? Does it end here? I actually would like to keep writing in here although it may not exactly be about Japan anymore. I still have a long journey ahead of me. MCATs are coming up next week, and I’ve been studying. I have to make sure graduation goes smoothly as I should be able to graduate by the end of this year. Medical school admissions….and so on.

    Plus, I still have plenty of contacts with all these people around the world. I made great connections thanks to Japan, and I still have plenty of old connections back here at home. I’ve been doing my best to keep in contact with everyone. Chelsea even came to visit me! I even got a chance to see Matt, Cliff, Kevon, and Timo! Of course, I’ve been catching up with my old friends from home. I’ve been going out to eat with Cindy, and I went up to San Francisco to see Tiffa and Tony. So it hasn’t been so bad since I’ve been back.

    And let’s not forget about my pure love for all things Disney. Trust me. I’ll be make trips to Disneyland in California. And hopefully when the new Fantasyland is complete, I will make a trip out to Disney World!

    My dreams are right in front of me. I just have to make that last sprint towards it. But Life is funny. There are many ways you can go to end up at the same destination. I wonder where I’ll end up.

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    I managed to get tickets to my very first NEWS concert on the day before my Birthday and also convince my parents to let me stay in Japan just a bit longer at Ste’s until after the concert. When the day of the concert finally came, I felt like I was waiting for this day for ages, but in a way, I guess I was. I’ve loved NEWS for so long; they were the first Japanese group I got into. Since they had their fill of ups and downs, I thought I’d never get a chance to see them live to be honest. But then suddenly, they came out with an album and then a single! It was unbelievable. I was in Japan for their comeback, and I was able to actively support them. That was already plenty enough for me! They were going to keep trying as four, and I was going to support them no matter what! I JUST HAD TO SEE THEM LIVE. This was my chance!

    I went to the presale of goods the day before. The line took about an hour, and it was really hot and awkward to carry everything after I bought it. Thank goodness the bag I bought was so big. Haha. During the wait, I could clearly hear Koyama, Massu, and Tegoshi practicing. Tegoshi’s voice echoed out of the arena and gave me goose bumps! It was so powerful. That certainly got my tension up for the next day. I was so excited!

    On the day of the concert, I woke up rather early. I was too excited to sleep, so I ended up running around to do some last minute errands: cancel my phone, get some cash, buy last minute omiyage, etc. I was too anxious by the time I finished that I headed out to Tokyo a bit too early, so I ended up roaming Shibuya and picking up the Kis-My single. I then headed to the venue to meet up with a friend, Lina, who I had met at the Yamapi concert before. She met me at a café and introduced me to her friends. They surprised me with a birthday present! I had just met them, and they were so sweet to give me present like that. I was so shocked and happy… They were so nice and helpful. I was rather confused to where I was supposed to go. Lina walked with me to the entrance and stayed with me until I had to go in and take my seat. She came all the way to meet with me, and she wasn’t even going to the concert! Gah! So nice of her! (: We accidently ran into a Junior. It was Kyomoto Taiga! I couldn’t recognize him at first, but after all those fangirls started screaming, I soon connected the dots. Haha I also saw a classmate of mine. We were both in reading at your own pace, and he read Shige’s book for class. I KNEW HE WAS A SHIGE FAN! AND HE HAD A SHIGE UCHIWA TOO! WHOOO! (:

    I finally made it into the arena. I quickly freshened up since it was really hot and took my seat, which ended up being super close to one the stages. I had no idea my seats were so good, so you can only image me freaking out when I finally realized. The lady next to me was super sweet. She was happy that NEWS had an American fan, and she said she’s been following NEWS since the beginning. She loved all the members evenly, and I noticed she got very teary during the concert. She was so cute!~ I totally understood her feelings!

     Now time for some concert highlights:

    • There were 2 main stages. The theme seemed to be princes, so the stage had a castle feel to it. It really made me think of Disneyland tbh.
    • Before the concert started, on the screens, there was sometimes a counter similar to the one that was on the Johnny’s site that counted down to the start of the concert. It was getting tense during the last minute of the countdown.
    • NEWS started off with Chankapaana. They appeared along with each letter spelling out NEWS. It was a great kick off to one of the best concerts!
    • They flew during NEWS Nippon. Shige and Massu were doing flips in the air.
    • They then sang Weeeek, Happy Birthday, and Fighting Man. During Happy Birthday, I had a sign that said that today was my birthday. I got all of them to wave at me. Tegoshi gave me a wink and said I was to be his girlfriend for the day!!!!! –explodes-
    • During the intro, Shige shouted “Tadaima!” and we answered “Okaeri” They were glad it didn’t rain during the concert!
    • During Koi no ABO, they had water effects. We were drenched in the water, and Koyama got sprayed in the face with it that he messed up during his singing and laughed. Massu and Shige were butt bumping. It was a really fun performance.
    • Next was Be Funky, Beach Angel, and Summertime. There were more water effects, and NEWS was drenched in water by this time.
    • There was a short video of NEWS as princes. Massu wanted to go see the planets so he asked his mom to get a space shuttle. Shige was eating curry rice and trying to feed it to the camera LOL Tegoshi was mesmerized by a fake rose. He was like “is this your flower? NO, It’s mineeee~” in English. Hahaha Koyama pointed out that the rose Tego was smelling was fake, and Tego just gets up and looks at the camera and says “TEGOPERO!~” before leaving. Ah! So cute..
    • During Let’s go to the planets, they were dressed as little space shuttles with a NEWS logo on it. The juniors came out holding giant balls that I guess were supposed to be a planet. They ended up landing on Curry rice planet!~
    • The next song was Ai wo Simple na Curry Rice. They were pretending to be at a restaurant eating curry rice, and at the end, Koyama ended up with the bill. Same as always! Poor Koyama. Lol
    • In Tonari iro dake de, on the screen, they showed a heart where half the heart was a NEWS member and half was footages of the audience. The camera messed up a bit, and so sometimes there was no one on one side of the heart. LOL but during Shige’s part, Massu was being a total troll and sneaking into Shige’s shot.
    • Next they sang, Akai Hana, Hoshi wo Mezashite, and Dreams. I felt really emotional by this point since Dreams is probably one of my favorite songs…
    • NEWS had a collaboration with a marching band. Juniors were holding NEWS flags and they had a Kibou Yell, Kirameki no Achi e, and Sayaendou medley. It was pretty good to see a live band!
    • They then sang Hadashi no Cinderella boy and Teppen. During Teppen, Koyama stood and sang right in front of me most of the time. He was soooo handsome :O
    • I felt like the MC was especially long. I’ll quickly summarize. They first talked about the stage set and the weather, and then tried to convince Koyama to imitate a rugby ball. He responded by going down to his knees in embarrassment since he’s getting old. Massu was drinking Match, the drink Tegoshi advertises. Koyama and Shige drank the rest as fans cheered. Koyama asked if Ohno pays when Shige and him go out, but Ohno apparently doesn’t lol. They talked about them being princes and that they might be filming for a DVD release (I really hope so!!). Tegoshi didn’t talk very much the entire time, which made the other members a bit weirded out. Koyama tried to scare Massu with a bug and asked if everyone saw Massu on TV. Haha It was really cute. Poor Massu. They tried to make a NEWS introduction pose. Tegoshi puts his hand over his face “Tegoshi Desu” Massu makes a box with his fingers “Masuda Desu” Koyama makes a small triange with his fingers “Koyama Desu”. Shige just bows and says ” Kato Shigeaki desu” Shige couldn’t come up with a pose, so Koyama suggested that he pretends to read a book with his hands “Kato Shigeaeki Desu” They then talked about Shige’s book and how Massu hadn’t read it and Tegoshi barely started. Shige’s book was going to be turned into a Manga! They then talked about the Olympics. Tegoshi mentioned soccer, and then they talked about Yoshida-san. I hope she gets Massu’s hug! They then talked about how pretty the penlights were, and so the lights were lowered and we were able to see all the pretty penlights glittering in the arena! Tegoshi then gave gifts to Shige and Massu for their late birthday. Shige got a bottle of champagne with his picture on it in glittery gold. Massu got a Swaroski cross necklace and the box it came in said “capana” as in Chankapaana! Koyama didn’t get the joke. They quickly talked about the pv shooting and how Tegoshi likes to look at the camera. Massu then imitates Shige’s voice saying “Utsukushii koi suru yo”
    • After MC, Tegoshi’s solo was up next. There was a short video where Tegoshi was showering and lies in bed with a girl. They showed flashbacks to how they ended up breaking up. This video was way way wayyy tooo sexy for meee ;o; Tego’s performance was really great. He danced and sang well. Uwah! But I felt like everyone around me wasn’t really into it.. That’s too bad..
    • Shige performed his solo next. It ended up being my favorite actually. Shige had little light and fire effects that went along with the song. He then flew to the other side of the arena, and at the end, showed us his vampire teeth! It was a very entertaining performance. I was so proud of him!
    • Next was Endless Summer, half of the members showed up at one end of the arena, and the other half at the other end. The stages moved to the center and became one. During Share, Massu started crying. I felt myself getting really teary as well.
    • They then performed I ZA NA I ZU KI and Cherish. Of course, Shige’s Kuchi Zuke wo was totally worth it to see live. Hahaha!
    • Massu then performed his solo. I thought he looked really kakkoi in this performance. It really shocked me, since to me Massu’s image is happy and cute! He was wearing sunglasses and dancing. Massu is definitely the strongest dancer..
    • Koyama performed his solo. He sang well and the water effects were really nice. I felt teary again here because I could tell her was trying so hard!
    • Juniors came out to dance during this transition
    • Tegoshi came out wearing this really weird black leather costume. I felt like he was wearing just a bra XD Sorry.  I really liked the other costumes up until that point LOL It was really ugly for me. His singing was flawless though! The rest came out in their weird leather costumes and they sanging Bambina and Dancin in the Secret. It was a very sexy performance.
    • They then sang Akaku Moyuru Taiyou, Smile Maker, and 2人/130000000の奇跡. Great performances. 
    • Each Member then gave a message about becoming 4 to the audience. Tegoshi said he doesn’t think of Yamapi and NEWS as enemies, but they won’t lose to them either. Shige’s speech was when I broke and started crying. He was basically sobbing and saying that he didn’t think that they could do it. But being here now and seeing all the fans. He felt like he doesn’t want to hurt us anymore. Massu also started crying during his speech, and that broke my heart. He’s usually so cheery and happy, but I could tell that he loved NEWS so much. He said he felt so much pressure singing Ryo and Yamapi’s parts, but seeing everyone’s smile, he felt at ease. Koyama’s speech was last, and I felt like it really wrapped up their feelings. He loves NEWS and doesn’t want to give it up. They don’t hate Yamapi or Ryo. They are still part of NEWS history, but they will try their best as 4.
    • They then sang Full Swing in tears. It was a heartfelt performance. I was trying not to sob at this point. The lady next to me was in full on tears. The concert ended up with a full on firework show. It was amazing! “最高だ!” – Koyama (Meaning:That was the best!)
    • Encore: They came out in pink sparkly yukatas and sang Sakura Girl, NEWS Nippon, and Chankapaana. Some lucky Arena seated people got signed rugby balls!~
    • Encore 2: They came out in their NEWS con tshirts. Shige was so happy he wanted to hug all the members. He ended up tackling Koyama, Tegoshi, and Massu. It was super cute!~ They then sang Week and Chankapaana running and dancing around the arena.
    • They shouted Arigatou Gozaimashita without a mic, and I think most people could hear it. The members besides Massu left, and Massu stood their awkwardly about to say something. Just before he finished saying arigatou again. Koyama dragged him off stage. CUTE!!!

    The concert was amazing! I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to see them live. They all looked amazing. On another note, Tego’s hair was still blonde and tied to one side. Massu’s blonde hair now had orange/red tips. Koyama messed up during one part of his performance and sang out of tune. It was really cute though, and he quickly fixed it. I’m glad they decided to sing live though! I’m also really glad I had great seats so that they were able to see me, and I was able to see them so well! I still keep thinking about the concert and have so many feels about NEWS even until now! I can’t believe it! It was the best way to spend my birthday!

    Sadly, the day after, I made my long voyage back to America and had to say goodbye to all my friends. I’m back home now, and I really miss them so much. Thanks Masa, Riku, and Remi for seeing me off. <3

    P.S. Sorry for the horrible English. I wrote this quickly. I hope I didn’t forget anything!

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  19. Today is my birthday! But in about an 40 more minutes, I will be heading to the train station to meet up with some friends before heading to Nippori to meet more friends. From there, I will head to the airport where my time in Japan finally comes to an end..

    I was very lucky to be able to stay so long in Japan thanks to Ste. Her place was quite nice and roomy, and she and her roommates were very welcoming. Ste even made me dinner a few times, and it was nice to be able to see and hang out with Ste a bit everyday! I mean look at all the food I was fed!~ One time, She and I made a trip to Costco. It was quite an adventure to get there and back especially with all the stuff we had bought. We spent hours in that warehouse trying free samples, eating cheap food, being amazed by all the stuff and great prices. It was like America! Only with some Japanese people and Japanese goods. Haha it was a great way to hang out with Ste to be honest. We do love food afterall!~

    It was great meeting everyone here and being able to see an old friend. I definitely won’t forget my time here, and I’m really sad it’s coming to an end. I’ll be back in America (and it’ll still be my birthday!), and I will have to go back to my old routine of studying and doing work. Bleck!

    (I will update on my epic NEWS concert adventure when I get back; don’t worry!)

    Anyways, I’m off now! I’ll make sure to see you all again soon! Love you all and thanks again….Bye for now!

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